Staying Healthy When you Travel

How to Stay Healthy on the Road

Staying healthy while on vacation

A few years ago I travelled to NYC from Austin for 6 months. Here are a few things I did to stay healthy during that time.

Keep Moving

Staying active is difficult while on the road, since travel often involves long periods of sitting (whether in airplanes, trains, or cars). Exercise helps boost the immune system, relieves stress, and in general, makes us feel better.

Choose a Hotel with a Fitness Center

Many hotels offer a gym, yoga or fitness classes, bike rentals or hiking trials. If one does not exist, then make sure the neighborhood is safe enough to take a long walk around it. Walking is good exercise and can keep you fit.

Keep Walking

Walk as much as possible. If you are in a walkable city or town, walk to appointments, restaurants, etc. rather than taking a cab. Make it fun by asking the locals about their city while out and about.

Plan Vacations close to National Parks

You can buy a national Parks Passport that are used around the country. There are plenty of opportunities for biking, hiking and good old-fashioned picnicking!

Eat well and Stay Hydrated

Take your BP free water bottle and drink water all day long. (Starbuck's will fill it for free with filtered water.) Avoid drinking from plastic water bottles when possible. Take some nuts, apples, beef jerky or almond butter packs to help keep your blood sugar normal.

Eat a Big Meal (not a Big Mac) before You Travel

If possible eat breakfast the day of travel. On my travels to NYC, I would order a double serving of steamed broccoli at Chili's. (Squeeze some fresh lemon on it and it is delicious!) Airport choices have gotten a little better. Look for grilled, fresh and green.

Plan in Advance

Many places in this country have a Whole Foods market or a small health food store that have better choices. If you are limited, look for fresh, whole foods.

Get plenty of Rest and Sleep (ear plugs?)

Try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. I am a light sleeper so I always take earplugs with me for use on the airplane, or for noisy hotel rooms. Avoid too much caffeine and take your own tea bags. My favorite is Tulsi Tea from Organic India.

Keep your Immune System Strong

Before your travels eat well, sleep well, and eat your antioxidants, which will help your immune system when in new environments.

Be Flexible

Remember to breathe and smell the roses along the way. Things don't always go as planned.

Have Fun

Take in as many local sites as you can. Learning another town or city can feel adventurous and leaves you with a feeling of renewal.

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