How to Check on Parent in a Facility

Senior care audit

Being sick can make any patient or elderly person cranky. In the business of giving care, I run across this each day in my practice. It takes a lot of effort from a caregiver to remain patience and caring.

On one occasion, a senior client was having trouble with a caregiver responsible for his care. Fortunately, his family hired me, a professional senior care auditor, to oversee his wellbeing at the assisted living home. The name of the client is Mr. G.

On this particular day, Mr. G was in a really nasty mood. His first comment to me upon entering his private room, "You have to get me the hell out of here. I can't take it anymore."

Now, Mr. G. was notorious for having his "moods". But this time, as I continued with his care audit, I noticed something was different. He was very determined to leave the facility. His exact words to me were, "I'm not eating until I get out of here!"

As the person his family is counting on for his welfare, it was alarming. But I knew there was more to the story than he led me to believe. So, I dug deeply to figure out the real story. This is a vital part of overseeing a person's care and here's how an audit plays out.

What is a Senior Care Audit?

A review that inspects the living conditions through the lens of health and safety. It examines for potential slips or falls. If an audit finds a low-level of supplies, it could indicate a poor eating habits and nutrition. Or if one detects an odor, it could mean unsanitary conditions or a need for a medical check-up.

There are no medical or financial audit items.

Items Checked at the Facility

  • Cleanliness of the environment and living space
  • Checks to make sure that the staff and professional caregivers are doing the jobs you've hired them to do
  • Inspects on the appliances and technologies to make sure they're in working order
  • Makes sure the home, and it's contents and rooms are well-maintained
  • Examines pantry and closets for food, supplies and other items they need

Items Checked with the Senior Client

The audit checks against 150-items to make sure your loved one is safe and well:

  • Personal Hygiene
  • Cleanliness
  • Weight loss
  • Increased isolation
  • Housekeeping habits
  • Unpaid bills
  • Difficulty getting around
  • Changes in sleeping patterns
  • Increased memory loss
  • Checks on client's mood and physical condition to make sure the person is free from signs of abuse and neglect.

How a Senior Care Audit Helps

The senior care auditor completed the audit with Mr. G. and asked if he'd like her to let his family know that he wants to move? Or, if there ws something else that bothered him? She'd enter it into the online system as part of the report.

He said, "You can do that? I don't like one of the people here. She is mean, and she screams at me. I don't like it." About that time several aides entered the room. After they had left he said, "That's her."

Is there another person who bothers you? "No." Does she hit you or anything? "No."

"Within five minutes the senior care audit report - containing the aide's name, and the issue - was auto-generated and emailed to Mr. G.'s family. Mr. G.'s family took care of the problem."

The next week the senior care auditor arrived as usual. Mr. G. was all smiles, "I don't see that caregiver anymore!"

"And I don't want to move either," he said. "Thank you!"

The power of an audit.

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