Where to Start the Search Locally For Senior Care

When families face the fact that their parent is going to need some assistance, usually they are unsure of whom to call and where to start when exploring the process.

Many people do not like speaking about the changes that occur when getting older, losing their independence, and needing to accept help to accomplish tasks that were once easy. So where do you go to state the search for care and begin exploring what options you have?

Where to Start the Search For Care

Council on Ageing

Your local council on aging is the first place to go. The whole purpose of your town's council on aging is to provide information, activities, and services to seniors and their families. They are able to point you in the right direction of what services are in the area and give you information on where to start your search for care.

Alzheimer's Association

The Alzheimer's Association has many tools on its site, but you can find your local chapter there. For many seniors, Alzheimer's and dementia is a disease they have, and the Alzheimer's Association can help you find supports groups, activities, other caregivers, and resources to help your family handle this disease.

Human Resources Department

Many large companies have human resource departments that have the resources to help their employees. For example, MIT has a senior page dedicated to helping their employees connect with social workers and geriatric care managers. Check with your HR manager to see if they have options for their employees.

Elder Care Consultants/Geriatric Care Managers

Though this will cost money. Sitting down and paying an expert to evaluate your situation and provide advice is worth the cost.

GCMscharge hourly to provide care management and comprehensive assessments for families and are advocates on behalf of their clients. Though there are out-of-pocket costs, you will have someone who is giving you information that is in the best interest of your family.

Call a Local Provider

Calling a local home care agency, adult day care center or visiting nurse are beneficial. Most providers, though they are a for-profit business, are happy to take some time to explain the different options that you have. As a home care owner, I look at it as an opportunity to help someone else and often send them to an article of the best online caregiving tools. Even if I don't get business from them, I am glad to have helped.

State Elder Affairs Offices

Many states have a dedicated elder affairs or an adult services office that provide meals on wheels and home visits for little or no cost. There usually is one office per county, and they have social workers there to speak to so you can learn more about the services offered.

Wrapping It Up

When a parent is aging and is needing help, it can feel overwhelming. Families can turn to local resources in their towns, counties and state to assist them. These resources can explain the type of services available, the costs associated with them and if insurance covers them. These health care workers are here to help you find the right care for your family's needs.

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