Senior Safety at Home

Checklist for home safety

It's no surprise that AARP found that older adults and the elderly want to age in place, at home where they've spent many years with friends and family.

It's conceivable to remain at home even as a person gets older and when one needs some help to live there. In order to make this a possible outcome, the home should support the health and well-being of the people living in it. .

The Centers for Disease Control found that accidents at home contribute to the health hazards that result in severe injuries.

Keep Seniors Safe at Home

Take a look at the primary home hazards that put older person's health in danger. Overseeing the care of seniors at home requires particular thoughtfulness to details.

Here's a brief list of the hazards to health:

  • Falls
  • Scams
  • Nutrition
  • Neglect and Abuse
  • Fire

Know the obstacles to Safety

Home safety

Use these action steps to support an older loved one to keep them at home - safe and independent. Six out of 10 falls happen at home because people take their safety for granted, and it's the place where older adults spend the most time.


  • Switch out the carpet to a short pile
  • Remove furniture that obstructs the walking paths throughout the home
  • Light up the rooms
  • Increase the sofa and chair heights
  • Clear clutter from all floors
  • Reduce furniture with sharp edges and cover with padding
  • Fit non-slip floor-coverings in the bathtub
  • Install bath railings in bath and toilet areas
  • Insert a seat for showering
  • Install handrails on outside steps

Make Seniors Aware of Scams

  • Identity theft
  • Health insurance frauds
  • Home repair scams
  • Foreign sweepstakes fraud
  • Credit card frauds
  • Investment fraud
  • Charity schemes

How to Avoid Scams

  • Join Do-Not-Call List and Registry
  • Destroy legal and financial documents
  • Notify the Better Business Bureau on suspicious phone calls or mail
  • Monitor all financial documents; your bank and credit card statements
  • Contact the State Attorney General Office if you suspect a charity fraud

Fire Safety Checklist

  • Never smoke in bed
  • Never smoke when feeling drowsy
  • Don't walk away from live cigarettes
  • Always attend to cooking food
  • Keep towels and pot-holders away from the flames
  • Give space heaters ample room and away from furniture and walls.
  • Make sure smoke alarms work

More Ways to Measure Independence

  1. Is the person able to make a call and answer the telephone?
  2. Is the person able to shop for food and prepare meals?
  3. Is the person able to do housekeeping?
  4. Is the person able to care for the yard?
  5. Is the person able to do laundry?
  6. Can the person drive safely?
  7. Can the person manage medications and adhere to the prescribed dosage?
  8. Are they able to handle finances and pay bills on time?

If you're in search of in-home senior care - you will find vetted and qualified personal home caregivers.

Help your family member remain at home. To make that a possibility, apply these safety tips and more to the living environment. Read Preparing a Home for an Elderly Parent.

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