Kitchen: Gadgets for One Handed Use

Kitchen Tools for Cooking and Eating

In the Dinnerware & Eating Tools article, I discussed how to stabilize and make eating/cooking a little easier with non-slip mats and plate guards. In this article, we will take it a step further by talking more about products that can help with a variety of tasks. I have listed a few kitchen gadgets that may assist those who cook using one hand.These included:

  • Taco Holders
  • One-Click Butter Cutter
  • Pizza Scissors
  • EZ off Jar Openers

One Hand Kitchen Gadgets for Cooking

Taco Holders

Kitchen Gadgets

There are varies styles and colors of taco holders that you can choose. The idea is the same for all, and as the name implies, they help you hold a taco! For many taco lovers, having one of these is a must. It will help stabilize and maintain the taco's U shape while you are prepping other ingredients. To make the assembling process even easier, go with hard taco shells and buy parts that are pre-shredded, pre-diced, pre-peeled and ready to eat! For soft shell tacos, it is easier to assemble on a plate and then place it inside the taco holder for easy access when eating multiple tacos.

One-Click Butter Cutter

This is a tool that let you cut butter with one hand without needing to peel back the butter wrapper first or wash a knife afterwards. This instrument is mainly for people who like cold butter or utilize butter in cooking or baking. After reading many reviews on Amazon regarding this product, this tool does require set-up and finding the appropriate butter stick size. Have family/friends help with setting it up and dealing with occasional mechanical difficulties; I can see this product doing well in the kitchen.

Pizza Scissors

Cutting pizza with a traditional rolling pizza cutter can sometimes be difficult. Pizza too thick to cut fully through the first time, it may require both hands to stabilize, and after cutting you might even have to use a spatula to bring it on a plate. All of which require using multiple utensils and hands, which means more cleaning and more frustration for those with injuries. A lot of consumers tend to like this brand's pizza scissors from Amazon, and it also shows a lot of potential on YouTube's demonstration videos. Along with using a plate guard or flat bowls, this product are helpful for serving pizza at home!

EZ off Jar Openers

Opening jars is a hassle. Caps are tightly sealed and require a lot of grip strength and stabilization of the jar to twist the cap off. Both hands needed to open the jar. A jar opener such as this is useful, plus it does not take up a lot of room on kitchen counters. Remember though, placement of this opener depends on the user's height. Putting it into a kitchen cabinet are great for a standing person, but can require reaching upward and forward for someone in a wheelchair (which is not safe!). When buying new jars for your home, hinged lid jars is another alternative. Since it has a lever opening, which allows for easy, one-handed opening.

Happy Cooking!

[Products found in Amazon, online shops or local stores. This article is in no way sponsored, endorsed or promoted by or associated with any of the products mentioned above. I have not personally tested these products. Recommendations based on products' potential that I see in certain populations.]

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