Dinnerware and Eating Tools

Dinnerware for easy eating

Being in the kitchen and cooking every day is a normal daily activity. Some may view cooking as a form of survival while others may see it as a kind of expression.

Either way, we cook, we clean, and we use our kitchen regularly.

Even if you don't cook, the kitchen and the dining table contribute spaces for eating comfortably throughout the day. Whether it's making a simple sandwich or preparing a complicated dinner for family & friends, cooking and feeding ourselves are activities that we sometimes take for granted.

Dinnerware Tools for People with Physical Challenges

When injuries or illnesses such as strokes, fractures of the bones, spinal cord injuries, amputations or lacerations occur, using both hands to cook and feed oneself can become difficult and frustrating.

Tasks that we do every day can become challenging and impossible, but they don't all have to, and here's why.

One difficulty that people with injuries often encounter is stabilizing the dinnerware and cookware on the table. To quickly solve this problem, placing a Dycem mat or a non-slip table mat before putting a plate or bowl on top will help decrease the likelihood of sliding and help eating/prepping food easier.

Tools that Help Overcome One-handed Challenges

Another common encounter when eating with one hand is that food may move around too much on the plate, making it harder to get a hold of food when you are using a flat plate. To solve this problem, using high-sided plates or purchasing plate guards can help.

For a more stylish and seamless option, try to find an entire set of low or flat bowls or high-sided plates that everyone at the table can use. That way the individual using the plate guard, high-sided plate, or flat bowl doesn't feel singled out or awkward and a more inclusive vibe is felt at the dinner table.

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