Why I'm Shopping Around for Medicare - And You Should Too!
Those that shop around can save hundreds per year and ensure proper coverage

Picking a health insurance plan is like shooting from the hip, especially when learning about Medicare, but after being on it for six months or more, one stops to think, did I get the right one? Before turning 65, I would hear my siblings discuss Medicare and their frustrations of not knowing which one is right for them? When hearing the question, I thought, "How difficult can it be to select a plan?" Their confusion seemed over the top, but now I get it because I am unclear about the same.

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Fortunately, my health is very good and usually just require the annual health screenings and preventive medical tests. But that's different now since I'm older and notice physical changes like arthritis setting in and more overall muscle loss.

Medicare Coverage is Confusing
Medicare Coverage is Confusing

The concerns about insurance plans are very different when one has a lower age, but as that number grows, people become prone to health risks like chronic illnesses. And since heart disease is the top killer for adults 65 and over, according to CDC, it makes sense that I should be more Medicare savvy and really learn about my options. Human beings are not invincible, I know now.

Genetics play heavy on our health. My Grandfather and Mother had heart disease, my Father had Alzheimer's, and several of my family members have diabetes and cancer, so what are the chances that I'll escape any one of these?

Why I'm shopping around for Medicare

It pays to shop around because the monthly cost may increase each year, which of course happened with my plan. That's an important reason to look around, but for me, there's another big reason, is the Medicare plan that I have now give me the health advantages that I want? For example, when I first joined Medicare, my insurance agent spent a lot of time on the phone with me discussing my health status, and the factors important to me.

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Yes, she was correct to assume that I wanted a low-cost plan, and yes, she was correct to assume that I did not need a fancy plan that paid for "added" benefits like Silver Sneakers exercise classes, or annual tests like imaging scans for stroke risks, treadmill stress test, cardiovascular imaging, or an MRI. But guess what? In the past six months, my brother had a stroke and a cousin found out she has arterial plaque. That was my game changer and their issues gave me the reason to consider switching my Medicare Supplement insurance plan.

I also question

  • Am I paying for benefits I do not need?
  • What benefits should I add after learning about my brother's stroke?
  • Am I dealing with the insurance company who has my back?
  • Should I be more concerned about having benefits like a vision and dental plan?
  • What about one that pays for short-term care, hearing aids, and private duty nursing?

Since I work in the aging industry, I'm smart enough to know that long-term care and private duty nursing are real expenses that 69 percent of Americans will need at some point in our lives.

Getting the best value possible from my health care coverage is ideal, but I still need to make smart choices that give good value AND meets my health care needs. There are dozens of Medicare plans in my area, all with different costs and levels of coverage. Knowing that I have a lot of choices, I have questions and want to know:

  • How much are each plan's premiums and deductibles?
  • How much will I pay for the benefits and services I will likely use?
  • Is there a limit on what I'll have to pay out-of-pocket for the year?
  • And since I'm currently in a plan, how does that plan stack up to the other ones available in my local area?

Only you and I can determine what mix of benefits and costs will work best with our needs and budget. Shopping around can make a huge difference to us. Click here to compare plans in your area or call 1-888-732-8949 to speak with an expert Medicare advisor to discuss your current coverage and your options.

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