Are You Ready for Aging?

Aging in America

Are you ready for aging?

Are YOU Ready?

Sixty is the new 50. I'm sure you've heard that before. It's the mantra of aging baby boomers who are fighting back against Father Time. While many of us are bound and determined to run that next race or take that trip around the world, there are some realities of aging that must be faced, but are you ready?

A new poll from the Associated Press and the NORC Center for Public Affairs at the University of Chicago says probably not. When questioned about plans for long-term care most people over the age of 40 say they don't feel prepared either for themselves or a loved one. In short many of us don't feel we'll be able to afford the costs of living assistance.

The Stats on Long-Term Care Planning

As few as a third of the people polled say they have set aside money for care. More than half say they've done little or nothing to plan. Some of the highlights:

  • 12% between 40 & 54 are in what's called the "sandwich generation." They're taking care of children as well as older adults. They worry about paying for future care as well as leaving debts to their family.
  • Only 1/3 of older Americans say they are very or extremely confident in their ability to pay the costs of ongoing living assistance.
  • More than 25% over 40 are unsure of what Medicare covers when it comes to nursing homes or in-home care.
  • About 50% think a family member will need living assistance in the next five years and most say they're unprepared for that need.

Considering a senior care auditor should be in your planning for when the time comes for a family member to seek care. Penrose Senior Care Auditors can relieve some of the stress families can feel at this time. Our Auditors visit seniors where they live (in private homes, care facilities, with or without caregivers) several times a week, several times a month or on an occasional basis depending on your need.

We offer flexible scheduling and affordable pricing designed to give families peace of mind.Our website and the Penrose Platform, our new app, make it easy for families to choose an auditor where their senior lives. Auditors employ the 7-Factor Senior Care Audit comprised of 150 items used to assess the senior's care and living conditions. While still on the site, the audit is completed and sent directly to the client through email with findings and suggestions.

The Penrose Platform is now in Beta testing, and we plan to launch it in early fall.

Source: Long-Term Care in America: American's Outlook and Planning for Future Care Associated Press & NORC Center for Public Affairs Research

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