Welcome to the Elder Orphan Facebook Group

Welcome to the Elder Orphan group

Our purpose is to share and discuss issues important to people over 55 living alone without a spouse, partner, or children. We face a lot of challenges and hopefully, this group will serve as a platform to build awareness, give hope and support, and help to create better communities for us to grow older in. Click Here to join the Elder Orphan Facebook Group.

Age and Single Status

The Facebook group welcomes individuals age 55 and over who live without a spouse or partner, and no adult children nearby to look after them. The group's intention is to create support, friendships, and feel connected since so many struggle in isolation and loneliness.

Ask Questions, Seek Connections, Share Resources

If you participate, be kind, supportive, and friendly.

The intention is to learn about good planning and resources for retirement when aging alone. Please refrain from discussing very private matters, especially finances, where you live, and very personal issues of the mental and the emotional variety -- this is Facebook.

If you need help dealing with tough mental and emotional issues, get help and discuss them with a professional. Members, including myself, are not equipped to handle or give advice on the psychological issues. Use good judgment and don't share a lot of personal information or concerns.

We are here to focus on practical approaches and solutions. This is a social group in search of ways to thrive when aging alone. If you feel lonely and isolated from time to time, you may find camaraderie and tips in the group on how to diminish or lessen such feelings.

However, it takes an effort to truly resolve lonesomeness and if it persists, see a health care professional trained in such matters. Facebook is not the place.

Topics we share and discuss

  • How to select a health care proxy
  • How to prepare for surgery
  • How to prepare your home for a speedy recovery when family's not around
  • How to celebrate special occasions when alone
  • Ask for support if we're going through tough times
  • Ask others how they care for themselves when recouping
  • Learn to deal with stressful situations
  • Be a sounding board for others to share feelings and emotions
  • Form local support groups and meet face-to-face
  • Help one another find local services, transportation, and affordable housing
  • These and so much MORE

Please join us -- Click Here and opt-in to the Elder Orphan Facebook Group.

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