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Aging Alone

Aging Alone News
Aging Alone News

Are you ready for Solo Agers and Elder Orphans?

Did you know that 20% of baby boomers don't have kids? If you aren't a Solo Ager yourself, you are sure to have friends that are.

Sara Zeff Geber, PhD,

Elder Orphans Have a Harder Time Aging in Place

There are close to 30 percent older adults living alone. Some live nearby family while others do not. It's vital that senior providers become aware of our struggles and needs. Carol Marak,

The Struggles of Getting Dressed When You Live Alone

Aging in Place

Aging in Place News
Aging in Place news

How to Give Your Treasures the Spotlight

In my work with seniors, I've found many bits of precious memorabilia stored in dusty boxes in hard to reach places. Choosing a few to spotlight can offer a path for letting go of objects of less significance as well as increasing joy by bringing fond memories into consciousness.

Pam Holland, Mindful Decluttering, and Organizing

Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities: A Creative Housing Option

Aging in Place Starts With Holistic Home Improvement

Urban Americans want to age in their neighborhoods. Are cities ready for them?

Aria Cohousing Community to be featured at National Building Museum

Students design futuristic cities where senior citizens thrive, age with grace

Chronic Conditions

Chronic Conditions News
Chronic Conditions News

The Elderly and Medications for Depression

I feel caregivers should not give loved one's medication blindly. As a blogger, I want to give caregivers who read my blog the best information I am capable of.

Julie Gilbert,

5 Tips for Becoming a Diabetes Mentor

Do you have the symptoms of type 2 diabetes? Two easy ways to test for the condition

Have you heard about a new shingles vaccine? It's recommended for adults age 50 and older.

American Heart Month 2018: You're in Control

In Light of New Guidelines, Here Are Three Things Everyone Should Know About Stroke

How to Address Cardiovascular Risk Factors for Better Brain Health


Dementia News
Dementia News

Creativity and Art May Be the Key to Combating Alzheimer's and Dementia

I know from personal experience what it's like to see an elderly parent suffer from dementia and my business also sees it every day as a provider of elder care services. We at Silver Sherpa are firm believers in keeping the brain active and continuing with your creative passions, especially as you age.Susan Hyatt, CEO and co-founder, Silver Sherpa.

What to Do When an Aging Parent Forgets Who You Are

Relationships are built on memories so for the family of individuals living with dementia, or Alzheimer's the loss of these memories may feel as though their bond is invalid. I wrote this article, to remind families that while the memory of their loved ones may be gone they are still with us and we have a unique and humbling opportunity to make the moments we do have so much more special. Molly LeGrand,

Brain Training & Memory Improvement Apps for iOS

Brain Training & Memory Improvement apps on smartphones are helpful for caregivers & seniors by providing mental stimulation to improve mental health & cognitive functioning. Past studies have indicated that such games can help prevent age-related memory decline & reduce the risk of developing dementia. Anna Hazard,

Respecting Elders' Dignity May Require Accepting Risk

End of Life

End of Life News
End of Life News

If I'm Ever in a Coma, Please Thread My Eyebrows

Life is Precious. Does That Mean We Have to Prolong It At All Cost?

Aid-in-dying advocates target next battleground states

Estate Planning and Finances

Estate Planning and Financial News
Estate Planning and Financial News

3 Steps to Take When You Inherit Property with a Mortgage

I wrote this article to help people understand that they need to keep an inherited property mortgage current to avoid foreclosure--something that takes many individuals by surprise at an already difficult time in their lives.

Joe Theriault, Owner, Inherited Property Solutions.

How to Safely Store Your Personal and Financial information

I encourage individuals to record their personal and financial information. There has been much discussion on what is the best method for storing the data. Since there is not a 100% secure storage option, I decided to list the pros and cons of five popular methods of storage so that individuals could decide which one is best way for them to securely store their sensitive information.

Rita Call,

Average Retirement Income 2017: How Do You Compare?

NewRetirement covers a range of retirement finance, lifestyle and health topics like 'average retirement income' as part of our effort to help anyone make the most of their money and time. We've found that many users like to compare how they are doing vs. their peers when they are building out their own retirement plan. Steve Chen, NewRetirement

We hear a lot about what millennials think and do now.. but what about in the future?

Family Caregiving

Family Caregiving News
Family Caregiving News

7 Part Series on Caring for the Caregiver

The videos advise caregivers to practice what I call the Caregivers' Golden Rule: "Care for yourself as you care for others." Each video corresponds to the chapters in the small handbook I wrote, The Caregiver's Guide to Self-Care: Help for Your Caregiving Journey (Infinity 2011.)

Jane Hamilton,

The Four Stages of Caregiving

As caregivers, we often feel scared and stressed because we may not be healthcare professionals by trade, and we want to give our loved ones the best care possible. By sharing my journey stage by stage it will allow you be aware of what you may experience in your caregiving journey.

Terri Anderson,

To-Do List for the Newly Diagnosed and Their Caregiver

Alzheimer's may slowly cause your loved one's memories to fade away, but the love you have for each other will always be there. Being a caregiver is a tough job, but it is worth it when it involves helping someone you care for so deeply.

Lydia Chan,

How to Get Compensation When Caring for Aging Parents via @ConsumerReports

Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging News
Healthy Aging News

Top Nutrition Predictions for 2018!

Nutrition and hydration are important aspects of maintaining good physical health and mental clarity, especially as we age. As a prevention-centered organization, we share information like this to help older adults Age Safe and Live Well.

Steven Bailey, Managing Director of Age Safe America

How to Stay Warm in the Freezing Cold

Cold Weather Safety for Older Adults

1 in 5 RNs surveyed say their organizations have experienced patient data breaches

The silliest, strangest, and just plain wrong health myths and urban legends.

How to keep your balance, even in ice, sleet, and snow


Jobs for Seniors News
Jobs for Seniors News

You did not get the job, now what?

Looking for your next job in the 2nd half of life is a marathon and not a sprint. It is all about the relationships. Jobs are no longer long-term but the relationships can be eternal if cultivated properly.

Marc Miller,

Assess Your Skills to Find Your Next Job

First Job Interview In 10-Plus Years? Here's How To Nail It

Health Care Just Became the U.S.'s Largest Employer


Retirement News
Retirement News

How to Retire in 2018

Here's how retirement accounts will change next year.

Retirement savers should ignore market forecasts

Six Ways to Be a Financial Role Model

Senior Mobility

Senior Mobility News
Senior Mobility News

How to Use a Walker

As a physical therapist, my goal for this article was to help caregivers and care recipients understand the proper adjustment and use of the front wheel walker in order to make walking as safe and independent as possible for a given situation. Brian Williams,

High-tech airbag could save seniors from breaking their hips

How To Tumble With Care When It Gets Slippery Outside


Technology News
Technology News

Are You in Danger? 25 Easy Steps to Stay Safe Online

We wrote the article because seniors are victimized by fraud more than any other population. We wanted to create a simple guide to help older adults identify and defend themselves from online viruses, malware, scams, and frauds.

Marc Felgar,

Tech-Care Discover products to help with caregiving

Smart-home tech might help older adults live independently longer

At-Home Medical Tests Are Putting the Power of the Clinic in Your Hands

Apple will let you keep your medical records on your iPhone

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