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Aging in Place

Seniors want Walkability (too)

Is Colorado the best state to age in?

10 Considerations for Seniors Searching for a Home to Age in Place

Empowering Seniors to Go Where They Want, When They Want

Aging Well

How to Achieve 10,000 Steps Per Day

Dear Santa, here's what older people want

4 Easy Ways to Get Your Daily Intake of Protein

Learning To Advance The Positives Of Aging


13 Gifts to give a family caregiver

Taking Care of Yourself When You're a Caregiver

4 States Are Recognized for Improving Older Adults' Lives

Chronic Illness

9 Diseases People Keep Secret

Creating Support Systems for Seniors Dealing with Substance Abuse

5 treatments for worsening pain after an injury

What Can Help Your Toughest Headaches and Migraines?

Bladder Health

Medicare and Medicaid

Long-term care costs the federal programs do and don't pay for

During Medicare Open Enrollment, crooks take advantage of older adults

Prefer to talk with someone in-person about your Open Enrollment options?


10 Worst Foods to Eat at Breakfast

12 Best Foods to Eat in the Morning

4 reasons that everyone should cut back on red meat


7 Bad Habits That Cause Back Pain

Worried that getting a flu shot every year will weaken your immune system?

Thinking You're Young Makes Your Body Younger, Incredible Studies Show

Why a Longer Happy Hour in Retirement is Not A Good Thing

Fall prevention exercises reduce senior falls by improving strength & balance


Confidence Rising: How to Become More Confident

Why is Everyone is such a Hurry?

7 Life Lessons from Fixer Upper's Joanna Gaines

What are the stories you tell yourself that keep you stuck?

Senior Activities

100 Notable Books of 2017

Why You Should Exercise Every Day (How To Get Jacked Like Jack LaLanne)

How to Exercise After Joint Replacement

How To Avoid Getting Frail As You Get Older

Senior Housing

15 Ways to Pay for Assisted Living

Are There Opportunities Still For Active Senior Living Apartments & Communities In Walkable, Suburban Locations?

Developers Jump on Colorado's Senior Housing Surge


7 Travel Mistakes Almost All Women Over 60 Make

The "Ex" Rated Guide to Solo Travel After 60

11 Tips for Traveling With a Dog

Whether hiking lush mountains, snorkeling or surfing, there are so many ways to experience the endless beauty of Oahu


74 percent of U.S. adults said they planned to work in some capacity beyond age 65

Microsoft is planning a huge upgrade to its headquarters

Boomer Workers Are Fine With Younger Bosses

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