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Aging Alone News

Each day from current news feeds and research taken from social media streams, I post the top stories to give you in-depth look into aging and senior care. This news feed will help you save time and effort when seeking top reads, studies, and articles that help you age with dignity, live independently and safely, and the ones that significantly impact your health.

Aging Alone

Aging Alone News
Aging Alone News

Elder Orphans: Aging Without Family

A growing number of older adults don't have an immediate family member, designated surrogate, or caregiver to help. I share tips & advice to help elder orphans thrive in the future. Carol Marak

5 Scientific Reasons You Should Choose Your Friends Carefully

The 13 Essential Traits of Good Friends

Senior Isolation - Generations of Elder Orphans or Solo Agers and strategies for successful living


Caregiving News
Caregiving News

A Holistic Approach to Providing Home Care Services

While our personal experiences called us to create Aware Senior Care, the interactions with clients and their families led us to the dedication to a holistic approach to home care. We made it our mission to truly examine the many aspects of each client's life, understand their goals and then help determine the services needed for them not just to live - but thrive.

Gina Murray,

5 Essential Self-Care Tips for Family Caregivers

Our main aim is to provide timely resources to give superhero caregivers more support. We collaborated with Harry Cline, a caregiver and author of an upcoming senior caregiver book to highlight the need for self-care to combat caregiver stress and burnout, allowing family caregivers to be healthy and happy.

Stephen Seifert,

Caregivers Treat Yourself: When and How

This article, along with the Dementia Distress Relief website, was written for members of my closed FB group: "Answers for Adults of Parents with Alzheimer's & Dementia". As issues and obvious needs are discussed in the group, I like to dig deeper on the subjects for added education and support for members and any others who find my website.

Rhonda Caudell, RN, CCM,

In Focus: Senior Caregivers in Canada

Why Accepting Help Empowers Receivers and Givers

Chronic Illness

Chronic Conditions News
Chronic Conditions News

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

Over Medication

Medications may affect individuals over the age of 50 differently than other adults and are not always as helpful as we might believe them to be. This article was written to encourage people suffering from pain and disease to feel confident in asking questions and advocating for their own personal preferences.

Alixandra Foisy, LCSW, RYT,

7 Habits that are Bad for Your Thyroid

Senior Arthritis Awareness

End of Life Care

End of Life Care News
End of Life Care News

The Meaning of Life-Why the Question Makes No Sense

When asked to answer the question "What is the Meaning of Life?" I thought back to the many people I counseled during the past thirty years who struggled with similar unanswerable questions. And more tragically, how their inability to answer them often had a devastating effect on their lives.

Stan Goldberg,

Palliative Care vs. Hospice: What is the Difference?

Finances and Legal

Financial and Legal News
Financial and Legal News

How You Can Get the Most Out of Your Social Security

How to spot Elder Financial Abuse

7 Life Changes that Require an Update to Your Estate Plan

How to Reduce Your Out-of-Pocket Health Costs understand Medical Bills

After an ER visit or hospitalization bills come in at every turn. Read this article for some tips to understand medical bills and reduce the out-of-pocket expenses associated with those visits. Steven East,

Why fintechs, not advisors, are driving change in financial planning

Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging News
Healthy Aging News

Toxic Cleaners Do More Damage Than 2nd Hand Smoke To Women

It's never too late to change to a better more healthy way of living. By simply switching to natural cleaners you can greatly reduced the toxins in your home that cause ao many health issues. Celene Harrelson,

Baby Boomer Women Caught in Rising Tide of Alcohol

Many summer infections are waterborne

Why Gardening is Good for Your Health


Medication News
Medication News

Self-Medication: Dangers and Drivers

The practice of self-medicating is both common and complicated. In shedding some light on the subject, my goal was to educate and empower consumers to consult with medical professionals before engaging in risky behaviors.

Anna Dolezal, MS, Health Communication Project Coordinator,

14 Questions to Ask Doctors When Starting New Medications

Most older adults take multiple medications, so it's important to make sure that adding new medicine it is done carefully to avoid causing serious health problems. Find out about 14 essential questions you should ask the doctor so you can get the information you need to keep your older adult safe. Connie Chow, Founder,

How Trump's new drug proposal may impact older adults


Nutrition News
Nutrition News

12 Health Documentaries You Need to See


Retirement News
Retirement News

Make sure this key ingredient is part of your retirement

What Explains the Widening Gap in Retirement Ages by Education?

Does growing older get in your way?

Senior Housing and Living

Senior Housing News
Senior Housing News

How to Reduce Bullying Between Older Adults

The Village Chicago Member Stories


Technology News
Technology News

These New Gadgets Could Be Game Changers for Senior Living


Veterans News
Veterans News

Innovative Coordinated Care for Veterans

The Eldercare Workforce Alliance is highlighting a different area of the workforce each month as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the National Academies' report "Retooling for an Aging America". This article highlights one of our federal partners, the VA, and highlights one of the innovative programs they created. Brett McReynolds Policy and Communications Manager, Eldercare Workforce Alliance

Volunteering and Connections

Volunteering News
Volunteering News

Engage at Every Age

We chose to highlight the observance of "Engage at Every Age" to remind seniors that one is never too old to enjoy life experiences. With a little assistance from family and caretakers, seniors can provide their contribution to society by sharing what makes them special - their unique and knowledgeable perspective on life! Tracy Szelest,

Want to Feel Happy? Start Volunteering


Work News
Work News

What is Innovative About You and the Way You do Business?

Why Genuises Don't Have Jobs

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