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A Look at America's Aging Future

The New Aging Dilemma

Want to live past 100?

JFK's 3 Enduring Legacies for Boomers

The brain's blueprint for aging is set early in life

How to thrive when aging alone

Elder orphans a growing concern in ND, where 1 out of 3 seniors live alone

Aging Alone

The Risks of Growing Older

For older people living alone, daily automated calls can mean safety

Find a place that makes Aging in place comfortable

Making friends later in life

For older people living alone, daily automated calls can mean safety

Using Technology to Make Meaningful Connections

Why Women Need Their Girlfriends Even More As They Get Older

Ways to get together to end isolation

Bone Health

What Do You Know About Your Spine?

Calcium For Seniors: Not Just For Bones

How to Avoid Crippling Falls After Age 50

Good News for Joint-Replacement Patients

Brain Health

Cerebral Small Vessel Disease: What to Know & What to Do

Study: Hour-Long Nap May Improve Brain Function in Seniors

Hour-Long Nap May Improve Brain Function in Seniors


The Hidden Resource for Giving Care

The need for care can change in a blink of the eye

How to Keep the Parent/Child Bond as a Caregiver

When Caregiving is Not Enough


Signs of dementia

Bad News for Diet Soda Lovers

What's Developing in Alzheimer's Disease Treatment

Healthy Aging

Recognizing Stroke Early Can Be the Difference between Permanent Disability and Recovery

How to Choose the Right Sun

Signs of Stroke

Keeping Cholesterol in Check

Our Teeth Are Making Us Sick

How to Pick the right Sunscreen

The Health Benefits of Fat

Knee Problems and Dealing with Them

End of Life

Help for Pets of Dying Owners Brings Peace of Mind


Many Seniors Are Unprepared to Maintain Independence as They Age

The Growing Movement to Invest in the Older Americans' Market

5 Retirement Moves for Recently Divorced Couples

Which of These Retirement Paths Will You Follow?

UnitedHealth Doctored Medicare Records, Overbilled U.S. By $1 Billion, Feds Claim

The New MediGap Plan

Compare Loans


5 Iowa Farm Kitchen Hacks to Save You Money

Love candy? Blame this liver hormone


Studies Show Female Cat Owners Benefit the Most from Having a Pet

Why Senior Citizens should own a Pet


How to Fleece a Senior

Top scams against seniors

Senior Living

How to Launch a Senior Village

Creating Housing That Older Americans Will Need

As Nursing Homes Evict Patients, States Question Motive


Silicon Valley is Blowing its Chance to Ride the Silver Tsunami


U.S. Bucket List Places

Air Travelers, Be Warned

The Dangers of Drowsy Driving

Don't leave home without these apps


Hawaii Is a Hot Spot for Boomers

Meet the adventurous retirees who have spent 3 years living in @Airbnb around the world

Beach Vacation Ideas


Baby Boomers Look to Senior Concierge Services to Raise Income

Rethink your job search

Turn your worst traits into your best assets!

Why It Can Be So Hard for Adults to Hang Onto, and Make, Friends

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