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Each day from current news feeds and research taken from social media streams, I post the top stories to give you in-depth look into aging and senior care. This news feed will help you save time and effort when seeking top reads, studies, and articles that help you age with dignity, live independently and safely, and the ones that significantly impact your health.


How to Detect and Respond to Elder Abuse

Spot Elder Financial Abuse

How to fight back against common problems in nursing homes


Legitimate Tax write-offs for elder care

Changes to Medicaid: Bad Deal for Family Caregivers

Managing Dementia-Related Rummaging, Hiding, and Hoarding Behaviors

I Became My Father's Parent at 32

Companies Cutting Back On Caregiver Benefits Does Not Bode Well Long Term


The Best Exercises for Aging

Easy Hand Exercises To Keep Your Hands Loose And Pain-Free


5 Facts That Threaten Women's Retirement Income and 4 Ways to Overcome Them

Myths and Realities of the Longevity Economy

Americans Are Dying With an Average of $62K of Debt

Single? No Children? No Will? Big Mistake

In the Dark about Retirement?


State Ranking of highest/lowest proportion of seniors living alone

Study shows that 32 percent of senior citizens live alone

The 5 States Where the Most Vulnerable Live Alone

Are you an elder orphan?

Is Aging in Place creating a Prison?


When Living Alone, Be Sure Your Health Provider is Meeting Your Needs

Plan for the Middle Before the End of Life

This Woman Kicked a Lifetime of Chronic Pain

Concerned about health care reform?

Living Options

Finding a Roommate When You're in Your 60s

Where do Boomers Live?

What is Assisted Living?

How to Locate Best Places to Live

These BFFs Built a Tiny House Neighborhood

How Your Neighborhood Affects Aging


Why I'm Frightened About Aging in America

3 Common Medigap Questions Answered

Medical Issues

The Truth About Hearing Loss

7 Ways to Get Clearer Answers From Your Doctor

8 Ways to Fight Off Inflammation

A doctor discovers an important question patients should be asked


Tips for Handling Food Following a Disaster

Local police departments restore peace of mind by phoning senior citizens once a day

Falls are taking a huge and rising toll on elderly brains

10 Types of Medications to Review if You're Concerned About Falling


Protect Parents from Scams

If you get a call from one of these area codes, don't answer

Senior Information and Guides

Alabama Senior Guide

California Senior Guide

Massachusetts Senior Guide

North Dakota Senior Guide

Virginia Senior City Guide

Illinois Senior City Guide


Divorce rates climb for America's 50+ population

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