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Top News from Around the Web in July 2017

Each day from current news feeds and research taken from social media streams, I post the top stories to give you in-depth look into aging and senior care. This news feed will help you save time and effort when seeking top reads, studies, and articles that help you age with dignity, live independently and safely, and the ones that significantly impact your health.

Aging Alone

People who like to be alone have these 6 special personality traits

This is why aging alone is harder than other lifestyles, and how we adapt


Finding Joy in Caregiving: some tips for keeping your tank full!

When starting out in the family caregiver role, here's where to begin

Family caregivers of people with dementia may benefit from online support

10 Things to Locate Before Your Parent Has a Health Crisis

Chronic Illness

Thyroid Cancer is the Fastest-Growing Cancer in America

How apps can help manage chronic diseases


Can Poor Sleep Lead To Alzheimer's?

End of Life

At the End of Her Life, My Mother Started Seeing Ghosts

Crowdfunding Sites That Help People in Tough Times


Feel Down? Get Up-Emotional Benefits of Exercise

Try this exercise to strengthen your thighs and reduce symptoms of arthritis of the knee

Try this exercise to strengthen your grip


Concerns 5 Tips To Help You Deal With An Estranged Child

Financial Planning

Retirement Planning for Women

Financial Paperwork and Information Your Elderly Parents Should Have On Hand

Choose the Right Executor or Trustee

Healthy Aging

10 Tips to Help Seniors Stay Cool in Hot Weather

What makes Belly Fat Different than Other Fat?

The Hidden Dangers of Heartburn

Navigating Life Transitions

Heat Stroke Can Be Deadly, Especially in Older Adults

Long-Term Care

How To Get Long-Term Care At Home Without Busting The Bank


The Economic Opportunity of Our Lifetime

Living Older, Living Poorer

Why 65-year-olds aren't old

Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare vs. Medicaid: What You Need to Know

Here's how to find an affordable Health Care Center


What to Do if You Can't Afford Your Meds? Talk to Your Doctor

Scientists find two new risk genes for Alzheimer's


Do you have forgotten money out there? How to track down unclaimed funds

How to Keep Fund Fees Low to Increase Your Retirement Portfolio

Savings Challenge: Pay Your Credit Card Bill Every Week?

Nutrition and Eating

This is what you eat to fight inflammation

This Fruit Tops 'Dirty Dozen' List - Again

This is what you need to know about Ensure "Nutrition" Drinks

12 foods with more vitamin C than oranges

Senior Living

Check out the Safest Cities in America 2017

Best Places for Pre-retirees

Enlivant Grows Footprint in Indiana and Iowa

Senior Discounts

20 Ways to Save Hundreds

Six SoCal Motels You Can Buy Right Now That Would Be Ideal For Starting A Cult


Best Buy bets on tech for monitoring elderly parents

How social media and technology are changing the lives of the elderly


Why More Encore Entrepreneurs Would Help Aging In America

Baby Boomers Look to Senior Concierge Services to Raise Income

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