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Aging Alone

Aging Alone News
Aging Alone News

Learn about the Aging Population Hidden in Plain Sight

Most seniors want to age in place at home. But the physical and mental challenges escalate with age, loss, immobility, dependence, and social isolation. These deficits have the potential to increase health risks. It's imperative that clinicians and senior care providers learn to spot those who age alone with no support or help. Carol Marak,

EmergeNC Contact: A New Service for Elder Orphans, Solo Seniors or Solos,

Remedy comes from recognizing a need and responding with solutions. Our newest service began with a conversation about a need and willingness to address it with an innovative idea. Nancy Ruffner, NavigateNC

The Power of good relationships


Caregiving News
Caregiving news

The Most Challenging Month of the Year for Caregivers

In February of 2016, I was invited to speak to the Caregivers at the Laredo Stroke Support Group because they struggle with Valentines Day. Since then, I know I am not alone with my feelings and my blog post is my way of "paying it forward" to more readers with ideas of how to create joy on that day.

Nancy Weckwerth,

Happy Healthy Caregiver Podcast 16: Attitude, Acceptance & Gratitude (Podcast)

The podcast episode is an expansion of the Serenity Prayer. While so much is outside of our control as family caregivers, what is in our control is our attitude and mindset. Letting go of what we cannot control is about letting go and learning to accept our new normal. Gratitude for the small everyday things is a regular practice that I found has helped me bridge the gap between where I am in my caregiving journey and where I want to be.

Elizabeth B. Miller, Happy Healthy Caregiver

5 Things Family Caregivers Need To Know About Family Leave

Which Kind of Care is Best for Caregivers?

Chronic Conditions

Chronic Conditions News
Chronic Conditions News

The Pros and Cons of Small Hearing Aids

Although most new hearing aid wearers prefer the smallest devices they can get, tiny hearing aids aren't for everyone. This article explores the trade-offs that can come with small hearing aids and what solutions are best if you can't wear them. Brande Plotnick, MS, MBA,

7 Tips for Heart-Healthy Seniors

Dementia and Alzheimer's

Dementia News
Dementia News

Losing the Mom I Knew

Once my Mom was diagnosed with dementia I had to let go of the Mom I knew and accept the Mom she was in the moment. I wanted to share my heartbreak and the lessons I learned about love with other caregivers going through the same thing so they would know they are not alone. Susanne White, Caregiver Warrior

What is Semantic Dementia

When my mom received a semantic dementia diagnosis, we had no idea what it meant; we had never heard of it and in my online searches, very little information about it popped up. I felt discouraged and alone, so I started to write. I wanted to create a platform for others to learn about the disease and know that they aren't alone in this journey. Cassandra Jones, Journey with Dementia.

10 crucial tips for Alzheimer's carers

Estate Planning and Finances

Estate Planning and Financial News
Estate Planning and Financial News

These 14 Things Will Cost More in 2018

I wrote this article to help consumers like myself prepare themselves and plan ahead for inflation in 2018. It can help them to develop savings strategies and adjust their budgets as needed. Gary Weiner, Super Savings Tips

The Dangers of Informality

I wrote the blog post because far too many people become victims of financial exploitation when they use untrustworthy individuals to "help" pay bills. I founded SilverBills as an economical, transparent, technology-based bill paying service, in part, to help prevent the financial exploitation of seniors.

Marci Lobel-Esrig,

What Happens to Credit when a Spouse Dies

3 Simple Questions You Should Ask An Estate Attorney

Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition News
Food and Nutrition News

How To Play With Your Food Safely

Eat Like You Have Diabetes

Top 11 Biggest Lies of the Junk Food Industry

Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging News
Healthy Aging News

Unwrapping Your Presence

We are entering unchartered territory in the new world of aging, where embodying Presence is one of the tell-tale traits of Agelessness and must be present to be a Visionary with Wrinkles-- one who embodies presence and is fully present in the moment, moving between time and timelessness. Karen Sands,

How a Healthy Aging Person Thinks

'Get the flu shot, it's not too late.'

How Your Gut Bacteria Can Influence Your Weight

Legal Documents

Legal Documents News
Legal Documents News

Writing My Will Called for an Ice Cream Sundae

Things You Can and Can't Do With Power of Attorney


Organization News
Organization News

Much to Gain With a Paper Planner

How to Declutter with Liquidation in Mind


Retirement News
Retirement News

Guide in choosing the best reverse mortgage company in 2018 is an easy-to-use resource designed to assist individuals in planning and making decisions about their retirement. We have created a Reverse Mortgage Guide that provides tips for finding the right lender, examines the best companies in the industry and answer some frequently asked questions.

Alicia Halfmoon

Can I convert my RMD to a Roth IRA?

Are You Headed for a Zombie Retirement

It's important to be thoughtful in planning for retirement. Often, we can focus on the financial side, only to learn, in retirement, that we have to plan how to invest our time wisely as well, Joe Casey via Susan Williams,

Senior Activities

Senior Activities News
Senior Activities News

5 Must-Do Activities For Retired Couples To Live Happily Ever After

There are changes in retirement that can make or break the relationship of retired couples. Those changes inspired me to write the article to help couples keep the spark in their relationship and enjoy retirement together.

Leandro Mueller,

Planning a Senior-Friendly Trip to the Museum

Senior Jobs

Jobs for Seniors News
Jobs for Seniors News

8 Steps to Finding a Job for Seniors Sarah Archer,

Boomers: Have You Considered Doing Some Writing?

Failure if the New Success

Senior Scams

Senior Scam News
Senior Scam News

Protecting Your Income: Tips for Elders

No-Talk Phone Scams

Senior Living

Senior Living News
Senior Living News

Talking with Aging Parents about Moving into Assisted Living

Like choosing a college, deciding to have children or buying your first home, helping our parents transition to senior living is one of our most important and stressful decisions. The first step in the process is having an open and honest conversation as a family unit. Christie Hicks, SVP Sales & Marketing, Enlivant

184 Things REALTORs Do to Earn Their Commission

I'm a hardworking senior myself but frustrated by many people's attitude about Realtors and their work ethic - thus the article. Jeff Perkins, Thoughtful Real Estate, @Boomer_Plus

Mapping the Community of the Future

Senior News

Senior News
Senior News

Reporter Shares Life Lessons From A Year With 'The Oldest Old'

Budget: Good & Bad News for Older Americans

Senior Technology

Technology News
Technology News

The Very Best Apps for Seniors - From Accessibility to Entertainment

More over-65s than ever own a smartphone (42% in the USA) and they can be wonderful tools when matched with the best apps. With over 2 million apps on the market, I wanted to do my bit in helping find the very best ones for seniors.

Dan Brown, MyTherapyApp

10 Amazing Products And Trends From CES That Have Tech Pros Excited

Tech Design for Accessibility

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