Top News for December 2016

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Please enjoy my top reads found on the web throughout the month of December 2016 -- I compile a useful list of articles that readers will find helpful and full of wisdom to help with aging concerns.

Recent News around the Web

A Virtual Senior Center Spreads Across the U.S.

The Major Fall - the rising cause of death among the elderly

What's the Difference between Medicare HMO and Medicare PPO Plans?

Feeling my way into Blindness

Depression and Dreaming

Worrying about getting older might be worse than actually getting older

Judge who let law clerk rule on cases has Alzheimer's diagnosis, is unable to do job, complaint says

Next Avenue's 2016 Influencers in Aging

Tips to Avoid the Flu

How the Aging Industry has Changed in 30 Years - Find out - watch

Professionals in Aging Give Caregiving Wisdom


Alzheimer's Research - What You Can Do Right Now

Age-Friendly and Dementia Friendly Communities


Great winter reads

Chronic Illness

Protecting Your Lungs Against these Serious Threats

8 Ways to Prevent Arthritis

Good Health Tips for Seniors bring Important Lifestyle Changes


Having a personal care agreement between parent and child can help you avoid conflicts down the road.

Lists, Tips, and Advice for New Family Caregivers

Steps to take to prepare for caregiving - Watch

5 Things Caregivers Need to Know About Medicaid-Sponsored HomeCare


Early Diagnosis for Dementia Can Be Helpful

What to Do About Dementia; Debt and Divorce

Healthy Aging

How to Prevent, Detect, & Treat Dehydration in Aging Adults

Learn which medications are on pharmacists' 'black list'

A mental test before surgery can highlight heart patients' potential post-operative risks

Longevity Secrets of a 117 year-old Woman

As the senior population grows, the doctors who treat them decline

Journalist Carl Honore believes the Western world's emphasis on speed erodes health

Five simple steps to avoid becoming a medical mystery

8 Top Reasons for Insomnia

Cold Weather Safety Tips for Seniors and Caregivers

A little perspective: why we become happier as we get older

Feel Better in 60 Seconds

Isolation and Loneliness

No one should have no one

How Driverless Cars Transform Aging Alone

Let's Start a Community of Single People

Social Media Update 2016

A Look at Loneliness-And Steps to Prevent It

Growing old alone

A new campaign aims to bring more attention to the isolation and loneliness issue

The Health Effects of Isolation and Loneliness for Seniors

Tips for Dealing with the Special Events for Those Aging Alone - Watch


A Stunning Suggestion - Raising Social Security Age to 76

To Change Aging, We Need a New Type of 401(k)

Medicare Spending for Beneficiaries With Multiple Chronic Conditions Varies Geographically

Keep Medicare and Social Security Strong

Test your knowledge of Medicare

Medicare Open Enrollment: 9 Questions and Answers

Breaking Down Walls Between Medicine and Personal Care

Aging Alone

How Facebook is Transforming Disaster Response

Elder orphans a growing segment of U.S. senior population

Energy Assistance | Benefits for Seniors | NCOA

Aging alone at home safely

Time to Join the Sharing Economy

How to Plan for Aging Without a Family Caregiver

When aging alone, here's how to prepare for an upcoming surgery when no one is around via YouTube


Google is relying on crowdsourcing to make the world more wheelchair-friendly.


How We Glean Our Sense of Purpose


Women face a unique set of challenges when it comes to planning for retirement.

What the Trump Tax Proposals Mean for Retirees

10 Retirement Rules

TAX Breaks for Individuals over 50

Tips for Retiring on Social Security Alone

6 Money Moves to Consider Before Dec. 31

Senior Housing

10 Hottest Housing Markets for 2017

How livable is your community?

Senior Jobs

10 Top Jobs Employers Have a Hard Time Filling

How to Profit From the Hot Job Trends in 2017

Senior Safety

Scams to Watch For in 2017

4 Common Symptoms That May Not Be Just 'Old Age'


How to Drive Safely On Winter Roads

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