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Top News from Around the Web in August 2017

Each day from current news feeds and research taken from social media streams, I post the top stories to give you in-depth look into aging and senior care. This news feed will help you save time and effort when seeking top reads, studies, and articles that help you age with dignity, live independently and safely, and the ones that significantly impact your health.


Reading books may help you live longer

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How to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey

"How to Stream Thousands of Free Movies Using Your Library Card"

Stuff Seniors Need

More A 55 and over Facebook group where friends are made

Aging Alone

How friends fill the void when aging alone

How to Prepare for Old Age When You Don't Have Kids

How to deal with loneliness

My First Year as a Widow - Ten Things I Learned

"Most members are very grateful to find us." @Carebuzz on fostering community among "elder orphans"

Supporting Single Seniors

Aging in Place

This is why aging alone is harder than other lifestyles, and how we adapt

Stuff Seniors Need

The Most Popular Foods in 11 Major US Cities

Millennials who can't afford housing should consider moving in with empty nesters

Aging News

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Mindful Aging: What It Is And Why You Should Be Doing It

Cardiologists weigh in on what women over 50 need to know about heart attacks

It's not just living longer, it's about preparing for a whole new life that starts

This chart shows why you should never worry about getting older


Caregiver Smile Summit

Who Will Care for America's Seniors?

How to Help Your Aging Parents and Still Save for Retirement

7 Self-Caring Activities for When You're Stuck in Your Head

Putting a Price on Caregiving


Predicting "The End Of #Alzheimer's"

The 3 Vitamins that Prevent Brain Loss

People Who Get Less REM Sleep May Be at Greater Risk of Dementia

Cost of care for a person with dementia averages $321,780. Families cover 70%

End of Life

The 3 things you learn after your mother dies

Hospice Photography Creates Legacy for Families


Challenge yourself to move more, work harder, and try all 4 types of exercise

How Exercise Can Improve Mental Health, beating depression

You can exercise almost anywhere. Even at work

4 Plant-Based Ways to Power Your Workouts

Try this to strengthen your grip and help you open jars more easily

Finances and Money

It's Different For Women In Estate Planning

IRS Free Tax Return Preparation Programs

Who Pays for Aging?

Mortgage Calculator: Are rental properties a good investment?

At What Age Are You Too Old to Manage Your Money?

Healthy Aging

Can You Be Depressed Without Knowing It?

Loneliness kills - it's as bad as 15 cigarettes a day

Healthy Aging with McMaster Optimal Aging Portal

Dangerous Bubbles?

What Happens to Creativity as We Age?


How do I get the Medicare coverage I want with the lowest out-of-pocket cost?

Medicare's Gaps for Dental, Hearing and Vision Coverage

How to Keep Long-Term Care From Bankrupting Us

Senior Housing

Assisted Living - for older people who value independence, yet require some help with daily chores & necessities

Common Myths of Assisted Living

Cohousing Could Help Solve Some of the World's Most Pressing Problems

Here's what the care homes of the future should look like

Quiz: What type of care is right for me?

Social Security

Social Security Changes to Safeguard Online Accounts

Could You Live Off Social Security Alone?

Aging at Home Will Be Harder With Medicaid Cuts


8 Strategies for Scoring Last-Minute Travel Deals

Am I too old to travel solo?

Seniors and Airport Navigation

How to Get an Accessible Hotel Room

This Is The Most Beautiful Train Ride in America And It Only Costs $97

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