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Each day from current news feeds and research taken from social media streams, I post the top stories to give you in-depth look into aging and senior care. This news feed will help you save time and effort when seeking top reads, studies, and articles that help you age with dignity, live independently and safely, and the ones that significantly impact your health.


How to Fight Age Discrimination

Is Aging as a Female Your Worst Nightmare?

How Do We Take Aging Issues Out of the Closet?

Using Baby Talk With Seniors Is Insulting, Not Cute

The Fixes for Ageism

Aging Alone

States With Highest Proportion of Isolated Seniors Could Be Best Place to Age Alone

Seniors Living Alone Tips

The 5 States Where the Most Vulnerable Live Alone

What it Means to Be a Childfree Older Adult

Senior Isolation - Ranking the 50 States

Study shows that 32 percent of senior citizens live alone in East Canton

Living Through a Natural Disaster

How to Age Alone - An 'Elder Orphan' Challenges Us to Engage

Brain Care

Powerful Ways to Stimulate Your Brain

7 Common Drugs Linked to Higher Risk of Dementia

Habits of Mentally Strong People

Chronic Illness

Dealing with Side Effect of Arthritis Medications

End of Life

Coming Full Circle, Doulas Cradle The Dying

Coping With the Death of Old Friends and Siblings

How to Prepare for the Death of a Spouse

Family Caregiving

If Retired to Take Care of a Loved One, try "Consulteering."

Tax Write-Offs for Elder Care

The disabled and the elderly are facing a big problem: Not enough aides

The Hidden Male Caregiver

Financial Matters

You have protections when it comes to automatic debit payments from your account

The States With the Highest (and Lowest) Taxes for Retirees

Retirement Is This Close, and You Need to Deal With a Few Issues

Lawmakers are looking at Changing the Benefits of Retirement Plans

Health Care

How U.S. Health Care Became Big Business

Is It Time For Hearing Aids To Be Sold Over The Counter?

Remedy for Deadly Hospital Infections

Healthy Aging

There's More to Healthy Bones than Calcium

The Secrets to Aging Well

The Truth about Hearing Loss

Ask Well: Can You Eat Foods Past the 'Sell By' Date?

For older people living alone, daily automated calls can mean safety

The Value of Sitting With Your Pain

Mythbusters: Will Drinking Water Help With...?

Life-long Learning

Too Old to Learn a Language? Don't Believe It

Sheryl Sandberg on 'Option B' at Work After a Loss

Legal Documents

Is it All about the Money in Probate?

Take this secret to the grave, and it'll cost you

Medical Alert - Staying Safe at Home

How to Pick a Medical Alert System


Extra Help With Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Costs

What is Polypharmacy and Why Should We Care?

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare Issuing New ID Cards in 2018

Should You Enroll in Medicare if You're Still Working?

Mental Wellness

To Be a Genius, Think Like a 94-Year-Old

To Help Ward Off Alzheimer's, Think Before You Eat

Staying positive and preventing depression as you get older

Stress isn't Caused by Other People or Events


How does your can stack up?

To Help Ward Off Alzheimer's, Think Before You Eat

8 Healthy, White Foods


3 Ways to Find Meaning for Life After Retirement

A World without Retirement

The Retirement Choice Causing Some to Run Out of Money

A Lot of Americans Plan on Working Way Past the Normal Retirement Age

A scary percentage of retirees blow through their workplace savings when they take a lump sum


Are You at Risk of Falling for These Senior Dating Scams?

Identity Theft

Build a Better Password

Senior Housing

Senior villages: a Q-and-A about this growing trend for retirees

How to Find and Compare Nursing Homes

The Promising Tiny Housing Revolution

Generations Share Housing in Win-Win Situation for All

Senior Living

5 Countries That Love American Expat Retirees

When Looking to Make a Move Start Here

The 25 Most Popular Places to Retire in America

Social Security

5 Things Women Should Know about Social Security

Is my social security and pension exempt from debt collectors garnishing?


Apple's latest digital health solution: AirPods


Travel Expectations Vs Reality


Career Damaging Mistakes

Busting 7 Healthy Workplace Myths

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