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Aging Industry Insider

The Aging Knowledge Economy is in the aging knowledge economy, and we know that information is our most valuable commodity for seniors and family caregivers. Back, when I helped my parents, online information in elder care was a rare commodity and today, it's not the case.

Each of us has an endless stream of content produced on platforms like YouTube, senior care and living blogs and websites, local newspapers, and leading news sites, and with all this information glaring at us, we need to restrict the information we consume.

Today is the first time in history that people have access to so much. And the speed at which the Internet sends it to us means that we are truly unprepared to deal with the sheer amount of it, and the effects it has on us.

Information Tsunami

The flood of information that swamps me daily seems to produce more pain than gain. And it's not just the incoming tidal wave of e-mail messages and RSS feeds that causes me grief. It's also the vast ocean of information I feel compelled to go out and explore in order to keep up with my job.

I deal with text messages and Twitter tweets, Facebook discussion alerts, friend alerts and private messages. In addition to voice mail, Instant messages and direct-marketing sales pitches on my laptop and iPhone, I have constant Gmail pings; the killer app: e-mail.

So it's a lot of stuff and sometimes, I tell myself to "step away from the screen."

Now you can detach from the tech device.

We've created the Aging Industry Insider. Since I'm online 24/7, or at least that's how it feels, I scan and read hundreds of aging-related articles, research projects, YouTube videos, and helpful guides. The burden transfers from you to me via the Aging Industry Insider.

Reading it, maybe information overload isn't so bad after all.