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Stan Cohen

Tai Chi Instructor
My journey into developing my program began after a long bout with low and mid back pain. I was looking for a way to keep myself from suffering the recurring injuries that kept putting me on the floor for extended periods.

I discovered Tai Chi, a centuries old Chinese discipline for health, relaxation, balance, flexibility, strength, meditation, self-defense and self-cultivation. It improves circulation, balance, coordination, and helps relax and strengthen the muscular and nervous systems. The results from the Chinese form of exercise developed the physical changes I needed and was looking for. I have become an advocate for others who need physical changes and programs they are capable of working at, to live well.

During my nine plus years studying Tai Chi under Grandmaster Tom Sulick in Washington, NJ, I was fortunate to have many hours of private one-on-one instruction with a focus on movement techniques.

Knowing that I could help people increase balance, strength and overall range of motion, I have created an exercise method inspired by the underlying style of the forms I have studied. My program, ChiForLiving, uses some borrowed elements; some re-imagined movements and many of my own creation all tied together by my interpretations of how to teach. There are no age boundaries for my program; however it works especially well for those over 55 who have lost touch with movement and need to exercise to improve their quality of life. No matter whom I teach, or show my methods, it thrills me knowing I am helping make a positive change in their lives.

Since 2007, working with seniors ranging from those with Alzheimer's to fully active seniors has helped me tune the movements and learn how to reach and teach ChiForLiving to just about any group, based on their needs, abilities and expectations.

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