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Ronald M. Wright

Founder and CEO at Jellyfeet
Decentralized Organizational Structure: Ten benefits of decentralizing the decision making process among management, leadership, and owners to achieve employee empowerment, agility, independence,
self-sufficiency, and readiness.
Shared Consciousness: Conscious leaders' primary
motivation is advancing the values of the organization.
As a leader, why is it so important to keep the core
values of the organization at the forefront? How can you
find win-win-win (business-employees-
customers) approaches?
Empowered Execution: Building
a high-performing business
requires identifying the right
person for each role and
empowering him or her to succeed
(or fail). How can you accomplish
this in today's business environment?
Connecting the senior population to a physician and podiatry approved occlusive foot cover that helps enhance and penetrate topical creams, and medications prescribed to a person's foot.