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Kim Crawford,M.D.

Board certified Internist and Anti-aging M.D.
Dr. Kim Crawford is an Internist who long ago decided she preferred to prevent diseases rather than treat them with pharmaceuticals. Patients always tell her they want a "better sense of well being" almost universally and that starts with weaning from pharmaceuticals a good part of the time.

She, or "Dr. Kim" as her patients call her, has re-focused her career to become one of the top Anti-aging doctors in the world, treating the rich and famous as well as people from all walks of life in her private practice.

She decided to repeat her focus on disease prevention, treatment of things "ordinary doctors" can't or don't know how to treat, as well as "tuning up" the things that "happen with age," which CAN be fixed despite what you may have been told.

She is able to make this accessible and affordable to everyone through her anti-aging program that is available through AgeWellSolutions.

"If your doctor has told you there are things that "just happen with age so accept them," it just means that they have not kept up with the latest state-of-the-art advancements in medical science, and therefore cannot know that they are completely wrong! We are talking here about things such as: thinking the typical 40-ish thought "why can't I sleep" as I did when I was younger? I know most people wish they knew how to amp up their energy. And of course there are fixable weight gain problems, mood issues, immune system degeneration, memory loss and so much MORE! And guess what? I can fix all of this for you and with you!"