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Caryn Isaacs

Professional Patient Advocate

Visionary Business Advisor

Caryn Isaacs is a presenter, author, and visionary business advisor.

For over 30 years, she has represented business, labor and community organizations as a Patient Advocate. Her business plans have launched many of the most successful healthcare services and products. She is a nationally recognized health care policy analyst, participating in the founding of many health care reform organizations.

Currently, Caryn focuses on helping private clients, with hard to diagnose and chronic health conditions, to find appropriate care and to make plans in the face of life-changing events (http://GetHealthHelp.com).

Caryn is on the Board of the Senior Umbrella Network of Nassau, Social Network Manager of the Senior Umbrella Network of Brooklyn and Chair of the SUN Advocacy Committee (http://sunnassau.org/advocacy/).

Caryn Isaacs named a mentor at the Association of Professional Health Advocates (http://healthadvocateprograms.com/listings/mentors/isaacs-mentor.htm.)

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