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Carolyn Rosenblatt

Elder Law Attorney

RN, Elder Law Attorney, Mediator

Carolyn Rosenblatt began her career as an RN, primarily working as a visiting nurse for 10 years. She made thousands of house calls to hundreds of elderly people and their families. Carolyn is very familiar with what it is like to live with the problems of aging. Carolyn is also an attorney who vigorously represented injured individuals over a 27-year career. Sometimes she brought cases against nursing homes.

When Carolyn retired from litigation and trial work, she started AgingParents.com with her husband, Dr. Mikol Davis. Initially, Carolyn planned to help resolve conflicts involving elders and their families. As she began working as a mediator, she found that her clients often needed someone with knowledge to provide answers on both healthcare and legal questions. Those two areas of expertise can rarely be found in the same individual, and Carolyn saw an opportunity to bring her two professions together to fill that need.

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