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Carol Marak

Chief Public Relations Officer, Aging Alone Spokesperson & Advocate
Carol Marak earned a Fundamentals of Gerontology Certificate from the USC Davis School of Gerontology and advocates on behalf of older adults living alone without the support of a spouse, partner, or adult children. She launched and oversees a Facebook group set up for elder orphans to address the challenges and complexities of aging alone. Using her own lifestyle experiences and authoritative knowledge, Carol created the needed public awareness through her relationships with journalists and other leading publishers.

Carol is the recognized authority on older adults aging alone and understand the challenges of isolation and loneliness and its associated risks.

"Older adults living without the support of household members deserve to thrive in an environment that promotes social connection, a purposeful lifestyle, accessibility, and affordable housing because without these, a person is at risk. No matter what the hard-hitting issues are for elder orphans, local communities hold the answer in solving isolation."

Carol helped her parents age with dignity and adjust to the challenges of chronic disease. She knows that adults face time-consuming medical care and multiple chronic illnesses and without the help of family caregivers, an added burden and worry consumes the older person.

Several projects she's featured in:

AssistedLivingFacilities.org, HomeHealthCareAgencies.com, SkilledNursingFacilities.org, AdultDayCare.org, Altarum.org, Love to Know, Lifehack, BlogHer

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